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News of September 2012
Summary and Special News of Dried Fruit Exporter

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IRAN: while some species like Fandoghi and ahmadaghee are being harvested and launched in the market, akbari and Kalleghouchi are still under the harvest and are forecasted to be available in mid-October. When it is expected that the price will be more stable. The good weather this year will be promising for a high quality and quantity product this year. Also a firm eye will be kept on Aflatoxin level this year to meet the requirements of European countries.

USA: American Pistachio Growers (APG) has decided to increase its international marketing efforts. Production is increasing dramatically and we need to increase marketing and consumption, because the production increase is expected to continue," he told a crowd of over 250 in California. (Quoted from Agranet 28 September 2012).

USA: Advances in Pistachio Production 2012 Th2 3-day short course which was held at the Visalia Convention Center, and included presentations by UCCE farm advisors and specialists, covering pistachio production topics such as field preparation, planting, pruning, economics, IPM, and harvesting, is a course for orchard decision makers, which will cover the basic science, not as experimental data, but as accepted science, that supports current and developing production practices, including regional differences. (Quoted from Farm Press 18 September 2012)


IRAN: due to the internal increase of the prices, it is expected that Iran cannot compete with the main suppliers of Almond around the world. However, still some reliable customers stick to Iranian almonds due to its unique and incomparable tastes.

USA: Californian almond prices up due to small crop. California is reporting a smaller Non Pareil almond harvest, with yields widely understood to be below previous estimates. It is forecasted the crop at 730 million lbs, or 7% lower than the 2011 total, but it now appears to be closer to a 15-20% decrease on last year. (Quoted from Agranet 14 September 2012)

USA: Almond price rise may have further to go. Almond prices may continue their ascent in the coming months if rumours surrounding California’s harvest prove to be accurate. Standard 5% almonds (mainly used for industrial use - marzipan etc) are currently around $2.55 a pound compared with $2.20 a pound earlier this month. Non Pareil Supreme 25/27 are around $2.75 per pound from $2.55 a pound basis. (Quoted from Agranet 28 September 2012)


IRAN: Forecasts are toward a very high quantity and unique quality product this year. Iran is going toward a jaw dropping break record in this regard. Iran’s raisin has a high pectin and sugar content that makes it an incomparable product in confectionary and bakery purposes, so many Turkish wholesalers and exporters are coming into production farm areas to collect the product.

TURKEY: Quality problems behind firmness in Turkish market. Quality concerns are putting a firm tone in the Turkish sultana market at a time when most factories in dried fruit producing countries are very busy packing requirements for bulk industrial and retail customers. (Quoted from Agranet 21 September 2012)

UK: UK buyers assess crops at origins. There has been a significant increase in activity in the UK dried fruit market over the past few days, with many major buyers taking the opportunity after the summer holidays to visit the producing countries so that they can obtain first-hand knowledge of this year’s crops. (Quoted from Agranet 14 September 2012)

USA: The record $1,900 price on the table almost pales in comparison to what it is said about the raisin price reaching $2,000 per ton. (Quoted from FarmPress 4 September 2012).

USA: Raisin crop expected to be smallest since 2006.The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that California's raisin production will be less than last year's crop and the smallest in several years. Although summer weather conditions have been favorable, spring frost has contributed to lower estimates for 2012. Last year, growers got significantly better yields of 38.7 bunches per vine. Similarly, California's growers achieved 10.70 tons per acre in 2011 while this year's yield, at 9.27 tons per acre, is expected to be lower. (Quoted from FreshPlaza 2 September 2012).


IRAN: the quantity is extremely high and the price is very low. It is recommended to apply for the purchase. The new crop harvest will get started within a week.

IRAN: Iran’s saffron exports surpass $107 million. Iran exported over $107 million worth of saffron during the first four months of the current Iranian year, which began on March. The UAE, Spain, China and Saudi Arabia were the major markets for Iranian saffron. Iran's saffron output is forecasted to hit 250 tons by the end of the current year, showing 40 tons rise compared to the year before, the head of the association of saffron farmers of South Khorasan Province said in May. (Quoted from 2 September 2012).


IRAN: due to the water shortage the quantity is very low. However, the quality is high and especially the light color of the product is still a vigorous point for Iranian crop.

USA: Favorable weather has contributed to a good fig harvest this year, while increased plantings will likely contribute to steady volume in the future. The previous decline in fig-bearing acreage was mostly due to marginal orchards or less desirable varieties being replaced with higher-value crops and housing growth. (Quoted from Freshplaza 2 September 2012).


IRAN: the export rate of Iran is showing progress compared to the last year and a myriad of customers from many unexpected countries approached for the purchase of the product. Many types of date other than Rabbi and Zahedi have very high quality. Piarom is still under the harvest and Mazafati is expected to have higher quantity compared to the last year.

IRAN: Based on the latest reports received from the date areas in particular the province of Khuzestan which is known for the world renowned variety of Sayer, have had favourable weather during the winter and summer. The high humidity required for the dates to get meaty has been in place helping the palms to grow larger fruits compared to last crop year. The total crop size may go slightly higher than the previous year. The new economic policy of the government based on lowering the value of Iranian Rials close to the real value against US Dollar will result in more competitive exporting price levels for Iranian exporters in the future. (Quoted from Freshplaza 3 September 2012).

News of September 2012
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