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News of October 2016
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October 2016


IRAN: Iran's pistachio exports to top 136,000 tons
In the year to March 2017, Iran is expected to export over 136,000 tons of pistachios according to a member of Iran's Pistachio Association (IPA). "The IPA estimated in its June meeting that annual pistachio production will reach 170,000 tons, of which about 80 percent will be exported," Farhad Agah told Iran Daily.

China is the main importer of Iranian pistachios while the other buyers of the nut include the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the EU, India and some Arab states.

Iran is a top pistachio producer and exporter in the whole world. The lifting of sanctions followed by last year's nuclear deal between Tehran and the major world powers has raised hope that the Persian Gulf country will be able to dominate global markets.

This will be possible through comprehensive planning to boost pistachio production and overcoming political obstacles such as those pertaining to sanctions. (Quoted from Freshplaza 10-10-2016)


SPAIN: Spanish region set for major decline in almond output
The almond harvest in Spain’s Castilla-La Mancha (CLM) region will fall by around 50% according to reports emerging from the third-largest autonomous community in the Spain.
The new forecast indicates that almond growers will collect only around 4,000 tonnes in 2016 compared with the 7,662 tonnes that were produced in 2015, said ASAJA CLM vice president Blanca Corroto for regional daily AgroalimentariaCLM. (Quoted from Agranet 2-10-2016)


TURKEY: Turkish Sultaniye grapes double in price
Prices for the ‘Sultaniye’ Grape, the local variety grown in the Sarigol district of Manisa, Aegean Turkey, have doubled in late October.

The area dedicated to the seedless Sultaniye Grape in the region is 9,000 ha according to Ali İhsan Ülgen, Chair of Sarigol Chamber of Agriculture. “We have yielded 50,000 tons this year. The price at the start of the season was between 80 Turkish cents and 1 Turkish Lira. With the uplift in export, we saw a sharp increase to between 1,5 Lira and 2 Lira,” added Ülgen.

Sultaniye Grapes are consumed both as fresh and as processed products such as raisins and wine. The majority, 80%, is consumed as fresh grapes. (1 Turkish Lira equals 0.29 Euro) (Quoted from Freshplaza 27-10-2016)


IRAN: Iranian dried date exports seen higher this season
The latest crop of Iranian Sayer dates is likely to see more increased volumes of exports this season, a local dried fruit producer outlined at SIAL food show in Paris this week. Export quantities are expected to be higher than that of last season as there are more dates of packing quality coming through from this crop, revealed Saradipour chief executive Hassan Saradipour. (Quoted from the Agranet 18-10-2016)


IRAN: Saffron output estimated at 400 tons from 90,000 hectares
About 400 tons of saffron are estimated to be produced in the current Iranian year (March 2016-17) from 90,000 hectares of land under saffron cultivation across the country to register a 15% increase compared with last year, a member of Iran’s National Saffron Council said.“Some 300 tons of saffron can be exported. The US has recently resumed its purchases from Iran after 15 years. Americans consume 50 to 60 tons of saffron annually and the country is expected to become our biggest export destination in the near future,” Ali Hosseini also told ISNA on Monday, adding that the saffron harvest season will begin in 20 days. According to the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, 54 tons of saffron worth 2,428 billion rials ($68.22 million at market exchange rates) were exported in the five months of the current Iranian year. The figures show a 5.8% rise in weight and about 11.3% increase in value compared with last year’s corresponding period. The UAE, Spain and China were the main customers of Iranian saffron in the period. More than 350 tons of saffron were produced in Iran over the last fiscal year (March 2015-16), registering a 25% increase year-on-year. Iran is the world’s biggest saffron producer and accounts for more than 93% of the global production. (Quoted from the TheIranProject 1-10-2016)

News of October 2016
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