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News of May 2020

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May 2020


IRAN: Iran Pistachio Kernel Shipment on growth
Pistachio Kernel shipments (around 14,000 MT) show a significant growth this year, owing to the unique taste and different varieties of Iranian pistachios which cater the diverse tastes of consumers. Traditionally, Iran has a strong clout in the pistachio market. The reason as to why there is no similar market for pistachio in the world is because it is mainly farmed in Iran (Quoted from 16-05-2020)


IRAN: Cheap Exports from Iran
Amid Covid-19-related tightening of cross-border travels, local Iranian retailers are said to be stocking up on food imports from the country as they fear this may affect the flow of goods in the near term. With Ramadan and the high demand for dry fruits local Iranian retailers in UAE are stocking up on dry fruit and other food items that are popular in UAE from Iran to ensure there is enough supply for the next few months. According to UN Comtrade the key food imports from Iran into UAE stood at over $130 million. The key food importing items included: Raisin (11,146.03 million tonnes valued $17.19 million) and Dates - fresh and dried (18,473.08 mln tons valued $7.7 million) (Quoted from Gulf News 2-05-2020)


IRAN: Corona crisis and Ramadan cause demand for dates to increase explosively
Demand for dates has exploded since the start of the corona crisis. People started to stock up on healthy food with a long shelf life, which led to a sharp increase in the sale of dates. The quality of our Saudi dates is super this year. The dates have had a good growing season, which means that there is enough volume available. (Quoted from FreshPlaza 14- 05 -2020)


Iran: Fig Exports at 11,000 Tons
About 50,300 tons of figs were produced in Iran during the last Iranian year, of which 11,000 tons were exported. Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture reported the above, citing data released by the Statistical Center of Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration. Vietnam, the UAE and Japan with 9,834, 152 and 138 tons of purchases respectively were the top export destinations for Iranian figs. (Quoted from Financial Tribune 1-05-2020)


IRAN: Startup Easing Saffron Farmer’s market Access
A major Iranian startup Keshmoon has been able to attract a new round of investment to expand operations. Based in South Khorasan Province, Keshmoon (literally meaning sowing) helps create a direct bridge between local saffron farmers and consumers while promoting exports.
During a meeting held in Tehran late last week, investment contract was signed hoping to help Keshmoon expand its business and target market. (Quoted from Financial Tribune 26-05-2020)

News of May 2020
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